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Russia and Ukraine overview

woozle Friday February 25, 2022

Rachel Maddow is back with some information-dense but very watchable discussion about the Ukraine situation.

2022-02-24 (23'00") Rachel Maddow Highlights: Feb. 24

Rachel goes into depth about Russia under Putin. I get a very clear sense of how Russia is today basically the end-state of Trumpist ambitions in the US: sham elections, no freedom to criticize the government, all major players (mainly banks and gas mining) controlled by Putin-installed puppets, an enormous country with a tiny tiny economy whose benefits primarily flow to a few kleptocrats who all support the single strongman at the top.

The video finishes up with Rachel interviewing a former US ambassador to Russia, who is... not happy. He argues persuasively that Russia under Putin should be viewed and described as a rogue state.

2022-02-25 (8'43") What People Are Getting Wrong About How Sanctioning Russia Works

About 1/3 of this is an explanation of the overall situation with sanctions, followed by an interview with a Senior Policy Advisor in the Treasury Sanctions Division under Obama, among other qualifications.