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issues with Tiki

woozle Thursday February 24, 2022

I'm just going to start keeping notes here about issues I've been running into getting this site working and configured the way I want it.

site subtitle

I remember having to hunt around forever to figure out how to set the site subtitle. Now that I want to change it, I can't find where I had it set before — and the place which seems to let you set it (here) doesn't actually seem to affect it.

Also, I absolutely cannot get the header on this section to start with "1." or "1.1.". The number disappears when I preview or save. It only stays if I leave off the ".". (I eventually decided they didn't need to be numbered anyway.)

comment moderation

There doesn't seem to be any way to allow instant/unmoderated comments by user-group.

keyboard latency

Every now and then, while editing a post, the UI seems to just go offline for half a second or so, and anything I type is ignored.


On trying to set up SEFs (after fixing the .htaccess I mean _htaccess file), the advanced options appear briefly and then disappear no matter what I do.

The menus are maddeningly inconsistent. Sometimes there's a navbar at the top of the page, and sometimes there isn't. The Admin menu replaces the default menu, although parts of it seem to also be included in it. If you select the full-width layout option, the upper-right drop-down menu is cut off because it continues to dangle down and to the right instead of to the left.