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woozle Friday February 25, 2022

The way ND handles moderation is absolutely infuriating. I've now been suspended for a third time. I only know what ND dubiously claimed I did wrong the first time because I specifically emailed them to ask — and there are indications that that they don't like people talking openly on Nextdoor about their manifest moderation issues.

So let's talk openly here about moderation issues on Nextdoor.

Russia and Ukraine overview

woozle Friday February 25, 2022
Rachel Maddow is back with some information-dense but very watchable discussion of Russia as it exists today, the motivations for the attack on Ukraine, the protests from Russians and Ukrainans alike, and options for the global democratic community (especially the US) moving forward.

polite incivility

woozle Thursday February 24, 2022
Nextdoor's focus on "uncivility" allows a lot of really bad stuff to fly under their radar — and then we're called "uncivil" when we try to fight it. I think we need to change our approach to this problem.

Prominent Conservoid Politician Escalates Attacks on Disempowered Group

woozle Thursday February 24, 2022

2022-02-23 NBC: Texas governor calls on citizens to report parents of transgender kids for abuse

Some relevant narratives to keep in mind:

  • "Dems are divisive" (from elsewhere): here we have a clear example of a major GOP contender making a deliberate effort to further polarize the country around the issue of transgenderness
  • "GOP supports small government" (from elsewhere): said GOP leader is inviting professionals to betray confidences to the state, so the state can punish parents for improper political alignment
  • "allowing children proper transgender medical care is child abuse" (implied or stated here): obviously untrue, but it's good for rage-farming the gullibles

Anyone supporting this monstrosity is being deeply incivil and hostile to their many trans and trans-ally neighbors

(I was going to do a post about incivility and conservoid narratives, but I'm still working on it and this didn't feel like it should wait.)

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